Friday, September 30, 2011



This is a blend of Armagnac aged for a minimun of 7-14 years (the average is of only 4 years as it is the mimimum required by law to be called VSOP). The white wines come from the two regions of appellation contrôlée : Bas Armagnac and Tenarèze and are distilled using both the double distillation method (80%) and the single distillation (20%). The ‘eaux-de-vie’ are then aged separately mostly in Limousin oak casks and are blended together before bottling.

Aromas of plums with strong notes of vanilla. Well structured taste, very soft, with vanilla and liquorice. Good persistence and finish of dry prunes. An elegant Armagnac ideally served at the end of a meal in a a large glass.

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