Thursday, September 22, 2011

MORTLACH 70 yo Single Malt


"Gordon & MacPhail has been laying down casks of single malt whisky since 1895; we are now the custodian of some of the rarest whiskies in the world.

Our grandfather joined the firm within a year of its foundation and it is now owned by the third and fourth generations of his descendants. Each generation has passed on a lifetime's experience in maturing malt whisky, guided by a simple principle:

"The future is shaped by what we do today, while today reveals what we did in the past"

Mortlach has long been ranked 'Top Class' by experts. Our grandfather filled this cask in 1938: a Spanish oak, ex-bodega sherry hogshead - universally acknowledged to be the best wood for so rich a whisky. He left it to mature in our warehouse in Elgin, and there it has slumbered from generation to generation.

Now it seems to us to be perfect: a whisky without equal which epitomises our family values, built on generations of expertise in single malts."

Tasting Note;
Appearance: The colour of sun-bleached polished mahogany.

A mellow nose, at once waxy and fruity; candlewax to the fore initially, which becomes snuffed candle (a thread of smoke), with Maraschino cherries in Madeira cake behind, and after a while an orangey citric note - fresh and juicy, becoming apricot jam. Flaked almonds and whin flowers, becoming light coconut oil.

Surprisingly lively tasted straight. A smooth, waxy mouthfeel; a sweetish start becoming moderately dry, but not overly-tannic. Dried fig and tobacco notes, and an intriguing light smokiness. A long finish and, for the first time, a hint of planed hardwood in the aftertaste. With a teaspoon of water, the smooth texture in enhanced. The fresh, light sweetness becoming pleasantly sour ('Soor Plooms'), with sooty smoke in the finish.

Remarkable! No trace of damp wood or must or bung cloth - a delicate, fresh, vital, fruity whisky, but with unusual attributes of waxiness and smokiness - uncommon today, more usual before the 1960s

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