Monday, October 10, 2011

10 CANE Rum

10 Cane is named after the tradition of hand-harvesting and bundling sugarcane stalks in groups of ten. 10 Cane is produced in Trinidad from the first pressing of sugarcane. Most rums use molasses, a by-product of sugar manufacturing. 10 Cane's distillation process is overseen by Jean Pineau, the Master Distiller of Moët Hennessy. Pineau employs what has been described as an "artisanal" approach to rum making, particularly through small batch production process and high ingredient quality standards.

10 Cane rum is slowly fermented for five days at a low temperature, double-distilled in small batches in French pot stills, and finally aged in French oak barrels for ten months. This aging process gives 10 Cane its light golden color. 10 Cane Rum is one of the few rums focused on ingredients and primary production stages rather than maturation.

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